IT Matters

Today's Medical, Financial, and Legal Business face a very challenging environment from an IT perspective. The pace at which technology is advancing is at an all-time high. New technology solutions and software for business are being introduced daily, while performance and security in the digital age require constant Attention. In order to stay competitive and compliant, businesses will be required to adopt these new technologies while taking precautions to avoid critical performance and security breaches. Most business owners lack the time and expertise required to keep current on the rapidly changing technology that affects their business. This is where a partner like Riptide Systems is invaluable we have the experience and expertise to properly analyze, evaluate, and custom-tailor an IT strategy to accommodate your business needs and Budget. Our best-in-class service is achieved through proven design and configuration as well as proactive technology management. Our support model is based on 14 years of experience providing successful IT support to medical, legal, financial and other business organizations.

  • Medical
    The medical field is experiencing unprecedented changes in the way patient services and reimbursements are performed since 2009. The mandate of EMR systems and measurements for Meaningful Use stage 1-3 are becoming more sophisticated than ever before in the history of patient care. Our experienced support staff is fluid in navigating solutions and supporting medical systems of all types from General Practice to specialties such as, GI, Pain Management and End of Life Care.
  • Manufacturing
    Technology not only provides you with a user-friendly experience from an administration and operations perspective, but can also help you to manufacture products more efficiently - resulting in cost savings and boosting profits.
  • Finance & Insurance
    Documents and financial information for the customers of those in the financial industry are of paramount importance. Securing your data, operating your firm efficiently and having the appropriate hardware to succeed is crucial to your business success.
  • Legal
    Maintaining client records and data, ensuring your documents are processed efficiently and exploring new ways to decrease operating costs in your practice are just a few ways that managed services can give you the edge you need over your competition.
  • Professional Services
    No matter which industry you work in or what the size of your business, adopting a more proactive view of your technology is a recipe for success.
  • Non-Profit Organizations
    Helping others often leaves non-profits and industry organizations little time to help themselves. The flexibility to work wherever and whenever by having professionals you can rely on for technology support. In addition to long term strategy and growth goals are just some of the benefits of managed services for non-profit organizations.